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Sydney Piano Tuition

A private piano and music theory tutor based in Sydney's eastern suburbs, Sydney Piano Tuition offers piano and music theory lessons to students of all ages. Nearby the suburbs of Darlinghurst, Woollahra, and Double Bay, Sydney Piano Tuition offers a free, no-obligations introductory lesson. With lessons tailored to each individual and years of experience, Sydney Piano Tuition aims to make lessons enjoyable and rewarding.

If you would like to arrange a free introductory lesson for yourself or a family member, please give Sydney Piano Tuition a call today on 0411 513 427.

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    Piano Lessons in the Eastern Suburbs

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    Tried and True Methods and Techniques

  • Piano Teacher Woollahra, Music School Darlinghurst, Piano Tuition Paddington, Piano School Eastern Suburbs, Music Lessons Surry Hills, Piano Lessons Double Bay

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What makes a successful piano student? - Paddington | Eastern Suburbs

Learning to play the piano will always be challenging and not everyone will succeed but there is one thing that all successful students have in common. And what is that? Without exception, those who practice regularly and persistently are the ones who succeed. Of course, this is easier said than done. One of the biggest obstacles for many students is staying motivated when progress seems slow or even non-existent. Knowing how to practice effectively is therefore essential for any aspiring pianist. Therefore, in order to help you get started on your journey to becoming an accomplished pianist, here are the most important things to know about practicing the piano; Practice often, practice in small sections, and repeat-repeat-repeat.

This is just the beginning however. If you are ready to take the next step, please get in touch and organise your free introductory lesson. .

Music Lessons Woollahra, Piano Tuition Darlinghurst, Piano Lessons Surry Hills, Music School Eastern Suburbs, Piano School Double Bay, Piano Teacher Paddington Piano Lessons Paddington, Music School Eastern Suburbs, Piano School Darlinghurst, Piano Teacher Surry Hills, Piano Tuition Woollahra, Music Lessons Double Bay

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Piano Lessons for all ages and levels - From Surry Hills to Woollahra

Sydney Piano Tuition offers the following:

  • Free Introductory Lesson
  • Piano Lessons
  • Music Theory Lessons
  • Preparation for Music Exams
  • Learning Materials Provided

Based in the Paddington, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Sydney Piano Tuition is nearby Darlinghurst, Woollahra, Double Bay and Edgecliff.

Teaching hours are Monday to Friday 10am – 7pm and Saturday 9am – 2pm.

Music Lessons Paddington, Music School Darlinghurst, Piano Teacher Double Bay, Piano Tuition Woollahra, Piano Lessons Eastern Suburbs Piano Tuition Darlinghurst, Music Lessons Woollahra, Piano Lessons Paddington, Piano Teacher Eastern Suburbs, Music School Double Bay

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Not Sure Piano Lessons Are For You? - From Darlinghurst to Double Bay

If you still have questions or are just looking for some friendly advice, please feel free to call me on 0411 513 427. I'd be happy to talk and answer any questions you might have.

Remember, the first lesson is free and there is no obligation to continue if it doesn't feel right for you.

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0411 513 427

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